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The main structure of tea dryer heating equipment, operating equipment which part?

Tea in China has a long history, in a long time ago tea dry fried or use the dried, before drying equipment, artificial drying not only cost a lot of manpower and material resources, and low efficiency of production, not the use of group development of tea. After the emergence of dryer for tea, tea production began to automation, scale development. Its working principle is to use the hot air to remove excess moisture in the tea.
Tea drying machine development up to now has experienced more than 130 years, in this period, after several generations of equipment development. The first automatic equipment was invented in 1879, and the second is the imperial dryer 1910 Jack design, the device has a basic part of modern drying machine with the stove, namely, a blower and a drying chamber. Then a hundred years time, tea dryer developed over many generations, but basically consists of three parts basically unchanged, only use, energy saving, increase in heat drying product quality improvement.
Widely used in our country is the automatic chain tea dryer, compared with early hand drying, have greatly improved the production efficiency and product quality. To a very important role in the development of China's tea industry of. With the continuous development of modern production technology and the requirements of people living level increasing, people are more and more captious taste of tea, which requires the quality of tea drying machine drying product needs to have higher requirements, provide the development direction of the development of the equipment, but also provides the opportunity of development for manufacturing enterprises.
Tea drying machine is composed of heating equipment, operation, one part is the hot air generating device, mainly refers to the hot blast furnace and pipe fittings, is a part of tea drying device, such as oven etc.
Tea drying machine heating device mainly comprises a heat furnace, a blower two part
1, hot air furnace and its main role is to produce hot air furnace 24 root tempering pipe is divided into three rows, each row of 8 root, parallel to the furnace, the combustion of the fuel in the furnace cavity flame from before, after the furnace cavity through the fire tube after combustion, exhaust gas to the discharged from the chimney, combustion, flame tempering rapidly improve the tube temperature. At the same time, the fresh air furnace side air inlet into the furnace from the furnace bottom rising outside the cavity to the outer ring fire tube, till the tempering pipe and a back air plate outer ring. After entering the furnace chamber by the air blower; so cold air reflow process, absorbs the heat into hot air. The fresh air is not directly in contact with the hot combustion gases, and thus no internal carbon particles and other impurities, no smoke, also in order to avoid smoke and dust flying hot air furnace and oven usually should be isolated, without harm to dry the tea quality.
2, fan blower is composed of a wind suction pipe, a pump shell, a pressure wind pipe and a fan of four parts.
Tea drying machine operation equipment oven, conveyor belt etc.
1, dry oven is composed of four pieces of thin steel plate rectangular box, the top is communicated directly with anger, so that the hot air has absorbed the tea water can quickly dissipate, oven General requirements not around the leak, the flow of hot air in the oven is from bottom to top, work must always keep hot air oven drying the.
2, tea bucket and conveyor belt Sheng Chadou installed in the machine box outer end of wood, tea into tea bucket, the vibration flow to the lifting belt, lifting belt for horizontal angle iron tin leather, nail canvas belt, because of the belt rotation angle box cycle constantly put the tea to send to the top of the oven, scattered to the first layer shutter chain type conveyer belt.
3, the uniform tea bar and out of tea: tea bar wheel evenly into the first layer Venetian chain in tea, tea has a uniform rod in the chain of 30 cm, uniform tea bar is the wing wheel four sheet of tin in the tin belt is fixed on the shaft into figure ten; four wing wheel is wavy. The wing of tyre and reverse rotation, the shutter plate tea leveling tile, make a hundred thin uniform with the mixing with reverse rotation, the shutter plate tea regularity of tile, uniform thickness with suture belt forward, uniform tea bar is provided with a regulator; can be adjusted up and down to control the thickness of leaf carpet.
Tea tea then train last layer suture belt of tea device is in a pipe is arranged on the wing wheel made of four pieces of iron, but also into the figure ten, the wing size of 22.6 cm, when the tea the attention and on the wheel on the wings, because of chain transmission and wheel rotation, so that the tea can aim at the lower cm wide exports, at the same time, because of the gravity from tea tea round, by the export fell to the canvas belt, and transported to the machine side.
4, the chain and the conveying chain blind hole device, each piece of aluminum screws
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