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Tea tea frozen dryer in the role of

In order to improve the machining quality and the modernization of the industry of tea in tea, necessary processing and deep processing of the application at the beginning of new science and technology, and advanced freezing technology is a very worthy of promotion of technology.
A tea drying function in the application ofFreeze drying technology in drying tea, tea temperature is always maintained at -16 DEG C, because the tea temperature is low, almost no change in chlorophyll, emerald green color and keeping, the aroma and the tea nutrients, the original organic material. Almost no loss, even drying, moisture can be reduced to below 3%; at the same time as the water before drying has been frozen, dried product is a porous spongy, the product has good rehydration, tea content easily dissolved. By freeze drying of the tea in the traditional process based on the tea quality is improved by one or two grades. The equipment for drying tea can save the maximum and color, fragrance, taste, shape, moisture content can be reduced to below 3%, thus greatly improves the quality of the product, and maximizing the shelf life of the product. Products of good quality; and general use hot air to dry tea, tea in hot air heating, tea in a part of organic matter to occur oxidation under condition of being heated, consume a part of nutrients; chlorophyll is at a high temperature decomposition caused by the destruction of tea dark tea leaf; aroma substances are also part of the original with hot wind dispersed, moisture content in general can only reach 9 ~ 12%, product storage.
Functions of two in tea production processTea production process is generally will be Green Tea and flowers mixed together after baking, let the flowers are Green Tea absorption, so that the Green Tea soaking release fragrance, but Green Tea oxidation will occur reaction under the condition of high temperature, and then make tea in the soup color is close to golden yellow, black dragon tea soup color approximation.
The new process is to Green Tea and flowers together separate in their own plate, and together with a drying chamber is arranged in the freezing, freezing drying with the volatile aroma components, flowers after being Green Tea absorption, at the same time Green Tea temperature is at a relatively low temperature temperature is further drying, after a period of time most of the flowers, the aroma components were transferred to Green Tea, and Green Tea their composition did not change, the new Green Tea with an aroma of scented tea and has Green Tea taste so extending the.
Functions of three in tea refining processIn the tea refining process, using vacuum baking, can remove the tea in the miscellaneous taste and Chen Chawei, and to maintain the color of tea material.
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