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Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is a new type of dryer drying in one of the mixed.

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is a new type of dryer drying in one of the mixed. Condenser, vacuum pump and vacuum drying device composed of dryer supporting. (such as the need to recycle solvent, the condenser can not) this machine has advanced design, simple internal structure, easy cleaning, the material can be fully discharged, simple operation. It can reduce labor intensity improve working environment. At the same time because the container itself rotation rotation wall materials but not product department, so the heat transfer coefficient is high, the drying rate, not only to save energy, and even drying of the material fully, good quality. Can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food materials, dyestuff industry drying. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer for double cone rotary tank, tank under the state of vacuum inside the jacket, to pass into the steam or hot water for heating, heat through the inner wall of the tank body contact with the wet material. Wet material after absorbing heat and evaporation of water vapor. Through the vacuum pump vacuum exhaust pipe is pumped away. Because thousands of vacuum state inside the tank, and tank rotary to material continuously and up and down, inside and outside the flip, so to speed up the drying speed of material, double cone rotary vacuum drying machine to improve the drying efficiency, the purpose of uniform dry. The integration of design, simplify process, reduce the loss, improve product yield. Each sealing points are equipped with double sealing. Sealing material for silicon rubber or fluorine rubber. Filter material for a filter cloth, stainless steel wire mesh sintering or powder sintered plate, sintered metal plate. According to the needs of the user can choose from 3um to 50um. Cloth corner margins for unilateral 25mm. The closed state of operation, products quality leakage, no pollution, suitable for strongly stimulate smell and poisonous materials. Vacuum operation, at low temperatures also have higher rates of evaporation, and easily oxidized material is particularly suitable for drying heat sensitive materials, and can be suitable for solvent containing material, and the recovery of solvent. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer features: because it is in the vacuum drying at low temperature has high speed, than the average 2 times faster than the drying equipment, energy saving, high heat utilization rate, especially suitable for heat sensitive materials and easy oxidation drying. This machine has advanced design, simple internal structure, easy cleaning, the material can be fully discharged, simple operation. Dry sealed, product no leakage, no pollution, suitable for strong stimulation, noxious materials drying. The material in the rotating mixing and drying, material can be dried to a moisture content is very low (less than 0.5%), and the uniformity is good, suitable for different material requirements. The device has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, simple operation, reducing the labor intensity, saves labor. The user can choose the stepless speed regulation (1-10 RPM) and step speed regulation (6-10 RPM), convenient speed drying and meet different requirements. Rotary vacuum dryer, vacuum state in the tank, with low speed rotary tank, the material in the tank continuously moving up and down to generate steam, steam through a vacuum line to continuously discharge, to achieve the purpose of drying materials. Vacuum rotary vacuum dryer is mainly suitable for powdery granular material medicine, food, chemical industry drying and mixing, especially for the following requirements: materials processing easy oxidation, not high temperature resistant, solvent recovery and other materials required.
Some matters needing attention in using rotary vacuum dryer: frame, double cone tank and so on metal components of welding have no manufacturing defects; rotary tank into (out of) the material outlet seals made of the accuracy of connection and sealing, vacuum tube, the noise when working size.
Rotary vacuum dryer adopts the advanced technology and equipment, stable operation, high drying efficiency, convenient maintenance, when a problem occurs, should be excluded and then use the self detection.
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