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HZG rotary drum dryer (drum) application

HZG rotary drum dryer (drum) wet material added after drying machine, copy board for turning in the cylinder are uniformly distributed, the material in the dryer is evenly distributed and decentralized, and and and flow (or countercurrent) sufficient contact with hot air, heat transfer, mass transfer, in the process of drying, the material in the band have copy board tilt and heat flow, the motion to the dryer another star type discharge valve discharge finished. Heating mode: direct heating and indirect heating in two forms.
Dryer work, dry fresh air is heated to the set temperature in passes through the heat exchanger, through scientific and reasonable hot air circulation and air distribution, hot air flows through the materials to be dried, is evenly heat exchange of heat, hot air circulation flow of each unit in the circulation under the action of the fan, and constantly attenuation compensation temperature to the set state, system constantly add dry fresh air, at the same time, discharge and high humidity air, finally discharging the low temperature and high humidity in the air, smooth and efficient completion of the whole drying process. To the material temperature does not allow more than 60 DEG C materials, initial drying period, dry gas temperature can be as high as 120 below. The final dry 3-6 times the period of residence time of materials in four at the beginning of stem segment. Paving thickness is 2-4 times of the initial dry. For the material temperature does not exceed 60 of the requirements, can use dry gas at about 80. Using multi section combination play with performance advantage type drying, so that more uniform drying.
Rotary drum dryer equipment application
Suitable for chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries the proportion of large particles, dry big materials, such as sand, quartz sand, iron ore, slag of blast furnace, coal, metallic powder, phosphate fertilizer, ammonium sulfate. There are special requirements on powdery, granular materials drying. Such as: HP vesicant, lees, light calcium carbonate, activated clay, powder, graphite, medicine dregs, liquor distiller's grains, beans, cassava dregs dregs, xylitol slag etc.. Henan Acer Mining Machinery Co Ltd for drying machine manufacturers, the largest in Zhengzhou, with many years of design and production experience, can form, finished materials according to the requirements to provide the most economic and reasonable process, equipment configuration and customer service, free installation, turnkey projects, for investment in the production line production to provide fast complete consulting installation services.
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