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The development of rational equipment how to avoid the disadvantages of spin flash dryer?

Flash dryer is a class with no torsion failure airflow drying equipment system installation, inorganic connecting flow, swirl, spouting, destruction, classification technology, is the streaming technology, cyclone craft, spouted craft and deterioration of communication technology combined heat, for drying the material of water. Wet material separating the airflow into the heated by drying wind pipe flash dryer drying occurs, is the number of seconds between. Flash dryer is not used in many industrial areas, including food, chemical, mineral and polymer material combination, the situation is also very common, including powder, massive, granular, flaky, paste, gel and slurry etc. are all (are handling slurry, paste or viscous material, wet and dry materials reverse mixing is required).
Flash dryer is the fastest-growing category of drying equipment using the most common, is the domestic flash drier also known as cyclone dryer, reverse the rapid dryer. Typical flash dryer for fluidized drying, which realize the dynamic continuous drying operation, and overcome the static dry hot low efficiency, high labor intensity, pollution and waste a serious drawback such, make chemical products are drying unit truly benefit, quantity, efficiency and perfect the same.
Spin flash dryer because of gas solid two phase flow in rotating, inertia of solid phase is greater than the gas phase, solid and gas relative velocity between two phases of the larger, enhancement of mass and heat transfer between two phases, so the machine for producing high strength.
Hot air from the entrance pipe with suitable spouting velocity from the dryer bottom into the mixing and crushing and drying chamber, generating strong shear, blowing floating, rotating effect on material, so the material by centrifugation, shear, collision, friction and dividend particle, enhance the mass and heat transfer.
XSG series of spin flash dryer is my factory in the foundation of introducing, absorbing foreign advanced technology, self-developed new drying equipment for success. Flash dryer with advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, wide application range, large production capacity, products of good quality, high efficiency, energy saving, in a device of drying, crushing, sieving once completed, eliminate environmental pollution, overall performance reached the international advanced technology level.
In the flash dryer bottom, cluster of particles larger than wet is crushed under the action of the stirrer, moisture content is low, particle size smaller particles are rotating airflow rise further drying in the rising process.
Flash drying machines without the following obvious disadvantage:
1, the flash dryer choose special feeder link feeding, constant, no bridge, arch, Baotuan phenomenon, especially suitable for viscous material.
2, because of short drying time, material from the hot air and the relative velocity of hot air drying material does not take the indirect contact, it uses theory of heat sensitive materials.
3, the drying chamber at the bottom of the inner cone flow layout, peculiar layout on the wall erosion and mixer, determines the flash dryer can solve the inevitable viscous material.
4, because of the drying process outside material meet to rupture, erosion, Peng Peng, general situation of product increases, enhanced the drying, drying intensity flash drier than force.
5, through the drying tower set placed objects (swirl plate, ceramic Xihuan or classifier), and take the same coordination of inlet and outlet air temperature, flash dryer on the material at the end of the water and finished product fineness to be invalid abstemious.
The bottom of the 6, the drying chamber is set to the water sleeve cooling device, avoids the material is at the bottom of high temperature zone heating phenomenon occurring variables.
7, the dry interior circumferential high gas velocity, material dwell time is short, ineffective anti for wall sticking of materials and heat sensitive material variables.
8, the flash dryer is a micro negative pressure form drills do, eliminate the fuck do pollution, dust and dust material and uses the style differences according to different materials (pulse bag type dust collector, water bath dust collector, Venturi wet dust collector). Fruit and do a clean, environmental protection standards.
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