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Detailed flash dryer corrosion technology and equipment advantages

 Flash dryer is used for mixing and grinding block wet materials and to ensure that no particles in the high temperature zone drying chamber to stay too long time, so the mixing blade and bottom and wall should have a reasonable gap, mixing also should be a reasonable choice of spinning speed. The stirring shaft and the drying chamber between the bottom has good sealing device. Classifier is a perforated ring, similar to the orifice plate flowmeter, but there is a point of view, the distribution of pore diameter size and height depends on the product particles, when a certain height, the smaller aperture, the particle size of the product more fine flash drying cylinder and grading ring is one of the key using the third generation products and new technology an Haida Connaught company development, is very important for the control of particle size of products, greatly increased the rate of qualified products.
Spin flash dryer for drying the material of water. Wet material separating the airflow into the heated by drying wind pipe flash drying equipment, drying is happening in seconds. Spin flash dryer is not used in many industrial areas, including food, chemical, mineral and polymer material combination, the situation is also very common, including powder, massive, granular, flaky, paste, gel and slurry etc. are all (are handling slurry, paste or viscous material, wet and dry materials reverse mixing is required).
The drying chamber is provided with a grading ring flash dryer and swirl plate, the size of material and final moisture adjustable. (such as calcium carbonate with moisture can be adjusted to less than or equal to 0.1%) relative to other drying methods, can effectively increase the proportion of materials. The drying chamber circumferential gas velocity is high, the material of short residence time, effectively prevent the wall sticking of materials and heat sensitive material deterioration. Because the gas solid two phase flow in rotating. Inertia of solid phase is more than that of gas solid gas relative velocity between two phases is larger, enhancement of mass and heat transfer between the two phases. So the machine for producing high strength. Flash dryer is suitable for a wide range, large production capacity, products of good quality, high efficiency, energy saving.
Flash dryer process of anti corrosion description:
One, with the ordinary carbon steel for electrostatic spraying polyester powder coating
The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is fully comparable with the. Because the powder coating has the characteristics of tough, durable, good decoration, and has excellent outdoor weathering resistance and heat resistance, and mechanical processing manufacturers have so excellent corrosion and resistance to pulverization performance, excellent gloss and color properties, anticorrosion, electrostatic powder spraying fully applicable to the dryer shell.
Two, stainless steel cold rolling plate
Flash dryer machine cover is made of cold rolled stainless steel plate, so the cost is very high. Why not adopt stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel, because of the equipment will be exposed to all kinds of corrosive materials and gas in the working state, while the stainless steel corrosion resistance is superior, so using cold-rolled stainless steel plate made of.
Three, the electrostatic powder coating
The application of the traditional manufacturing in the flash dryer on the paint is liquid, which contains a large number of ester, ketone and hydrocarbon and other organic solvents, to the production, storage and transportation, construction will bring a series of trouble, flammable and explosive and is not safe. Because there is a certain toxicity, evaporation into the atmosphere, serious pollution of the environment. Therefore, new paint experts at home and abroad are committed to the development of less or no solution solution. This is one of the new type of coating powder coating.
Four, phosphate - passivation process
In the manufacturing of spin flash dryer, seventy percent parts are steel structure. Inter process turnaround time is longer, so the surface to generate a lot of rust before painting, need more manual derusting. Phosphating -- passivation process, LED display is the electrical and electrochemical reaction, through a one-time treatment, can make the steel workpiece with rust, showing the surface of metal was color, at the same time in the formation of metal surface dense anti rust coating. Can be in the humid air placed 10 days, will not rust. Its operation method is simple, can improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and material resources. On the phosphating, passivation treatment fluid containing emulsifier, molybdate, soluble phosphate and all kinds of acid, the method is not only used in the above models, other similar structure or frame can use this method for antiseptic treatment.
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