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Air permeability and excellent performance characteristics of good tea dryer

Tea drying machine is a rotary drum dryer, it will wet pomace water containing 80%, fast drying to 13% moisture content of dry product. This unit with coal, gas, gas and other energy, with hot air as drying medium, on all types of wet materials are heated by strong hot wind. In view of the characteristics of fruit residue moisture large, high sugar content, easy adhesion, using a series of original technology, a good solution to the various problems of pomace drying process, and achieved good drying effect. Suitable for apple pomace, pineapple, citrus and other fruit slag slag slag.
Tea drying machine has good air permeability, can dry fry Green Run clean finished tea, in the tea quality improvement at the same time, improve the tea price.
The main equipment of tea drying machine comprises a heating equipment, ventilation equipment, wet temperature and humidity control equipment. The main features of bilateral air, baking is more uniform, good internal structure, strong electric stove, automatic control of temperature and humidity.
To meet the requirements of green tea is cool and dry, drying temperature can reach 63 DEG C, drying process using the principle of heat pump of steam condensation heat recovery, no waste heat emissions, saving operating costs, and coal-fired steam boiler (or coal-fired hot blast furnace can save more than 40%) compared to the cost, compared with the fuel, electric heating can save more than 60% of the cost of. The automatic control system with ventilation, avoiding tea "air conditioning" problem, an exhaust heat recovery device can guarantee energy recovery of the exhaust, save electricity.
Characteristics of tea dryer performance:
The 1 unit processing capacity greatly, single set of equipment can be handled each day from 80 to 500 tons of fresh fruit residue.
2 strong adaptability, but also can be used for the lees, compound fertilizer and other scattered difference, precipitation range of materials.
The host structure of drying system of 3 tea drying machine is simple, less failure, low maintenance cost, and can ensure the continuous operation for long time.
4 in the tea drying drum of drying machine used in the copy board structure specially designed, to ensure that the drying effect of apple pomace.
Novel and unique sealing device adopts 5 tea dryer, and good insulation system.
6 using a continuously variable transmission, can regulate the rotating cylinder speed according to the material moisture content, in order to achieve the best drying effect.
7 in the drum is provided with a powerful scattering device, can effectively solve the issue of slag material bonded in the process of drying and agglomeration.
In 8 after the drying section can be matched with the grinding, mixing, granulating, packaging and other subsequent section, in the production of fruit residue pellet feed product
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